SMD FB-4 Quad Fuse Block

SMD FB-4 Quad Fuse Block

The very first fully manufactured, SMD ANL fuse holder has arrived!  High temperature injection molded body, cnc & laser cut lid and aluminum busbar & landings will last many many years in a harsh, hot environment such as the engine bay of your vehicle. 

Protect your vehicle from the dreaded "Car-B-Q" with this product. Whether you have a demanding aftermarket sound system or other aftermarket/auxiliary accessories such as lighting, winches, air pumps etc, it is critical you add a fuse as close to the battery as possible to protect from fire and catastrophic damage due to a short circuit.

This industrial strength ANL fuse holder looks as great as it performs. Injection moulded with high quality material, using metals from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, & a 3/16" Clear Acrylic cover to top it off! (to help protect from accidental contact with live terminals. 

This unit was designed withstand the elements and to last many years of service anywhere you decide to install it! Also suitable for marine applications, these parts will not corrode!

*Recommended mounting location within 18" of power source (ie front battery, alternator or any auxiliary battery bank)